How to choose the right aggregate for your driveway

Exposed aggregate driveway

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When it comes to choosing the right aggregate for your new driveway, it’s common to feel overwhelmed with choices and information. From the initial search through endless magazines and social media feeds, to sourcing samples and trips to countless suppliers, it’s easy to see why. 

With so many different aggregate colours and options, it will no doubt take time to come to a final decision. So, we’ve made the choice easier for you with these handy tips on how to choose the right aggregate for your driveway.

Talk to the experts

Whether it’s a new build or an existing home renovation, the first step is to ask the experts! For new builds, speak with your architect or designer to get a rendered drawing of the final exterior house colour. It would be even better to get a colour swatch if possible. If you are redoing your existing house’s driveway, make sure to take photos of the existing house colour. Armed with these tools, you can then contact your local aggregate supplier (we of course suggest getting in touch with Perth Exposed Aggregate) and arrange to meet, taking with you the swatches and photos to get advice from the experts.

Customise your aggregate

When it comes to deciding, one of the best tools at your disposal is the suppliers themselves! By sharing with them your swatches and photos, they can work with you to choose the best aggregate mix. Here at Perth Exposed Aggregate, we have our own premix range of aggregate which you can view here. However, aggregate is highly customisable so our range isn’t limited to those colours. Work with our team to tailor a combination of pebbles and stones that best suit your needs.

Choose your concrete colour

It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not just the aggregate you need to consider, but the colour of the concrete as well. Most suppliers provide the concrete and aggregate mixed and ready to pour, before it is set and exposed through blasting techniques. But make sure to decide if you want the concrete to be coloured. The experts will know which colour concrete works best with certain aggregate, so it’s best to ask them in your meeting.

Decide on concrete texture

When choosing the right texture for your exposed aggregate driveway, there are some questions you need to ask yourself. 

  • Is the driveway mainly used for cars?
  • Will you be walking barefoot on the driveway regularly?
  • What level of drainage do you need?

For example, if you expect to walk barefoot on the aggregate a lot then a finer aggregate is best for comfort. Or, if you want good drainage and more traction on your driveway, then a coarser mix is needed to help spread water and prevent slipping and skidding whilst driving.

Get an exposed aggregate sample

Once you’ve spoken to the supplier and found some options that you like, make sure to ask for samples. Then back at home or on the building site, place the samples within the defined area of the driveway and look at how it works against the colour of the house (if it is an existing home) or next to the swatch sample (for a new build) and the surrounding areas. Seeing it in the exact lighting and position it will be in is a great way to visualise the end result and ultimately choose the best option. 

We hope these tips help you when choosing your exposed aggregate driveway. There’s plenty more where they came from when you speak to one of the team members at Perth Exposed Aggregate! We would be happy to discuss the best solution for your new driveway.

Perth experts in exposed aggregate

At Perth Exposed Aggregate, we are passionate about each and every project, and thrive on helping to create the best home improvements. 

If you would like to talk to one of our specialised tradesmen about your next home improvement project please contact: (08) 6189 4988.

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We're excited to work with you. Drop us a line or send us an email using the form below to get going.